Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy is a form of hypnotherapy where individuals are guided into a relaxed state to access and explore supposed memories or experiences from previous lives. It's based on the belief in reincarnation and the idea that unresolved issues or traumas from past lives could manifest in current life challenges.


Here's an overview of past life regression therapy:

  1. Hypnosis Induction: Anne will guide you into a deeply relaxed state or trance using relaxation techniques and focused attention.
  2. Exploration of Memories: While in this state, you will be encouraged to recall and describe images, emotions, or sensations related to supposed past life experiences. Anne asks guiding questions to help access and explore these memories.
  3. Processing and Healing: The purpose of past life regression therapy is to gain insight, understanding, and potential resolution for current life issues by exploring these past life experiences. It's believed that by recognizing and understanding these past life traumas or patterns, individuals can potentially address and resolve related challenges in their present life.
  4. Integration and Closure: After the regression, Anne will help you integrate your experiences, process emotions, and suggest techniques to promote healing and closure.

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